Our Mission is to Make OTC Deals Easier for Everyone on the Expanding Market

The limited number of exchange services working with fiat money doesn't keep up with the rapid growth of the crypto market. Hence Micro Exchange aims to bring a reliable exchange service of exceptional quality to the sphere.

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About us

Micro Exchange started in 2017 in Kyiv. By now, we've already had a chance to work with customers in China, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. Everything started with a bot and $1,000 invested, but over 1000 customers have chosen us.

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What Drives Us?

We believe in ideas of privacy and transparency promoted by the blockchain and are happy to work with partners who share the same values. We understand it is difficult to earn trust and do everything to preserve trust

Security and privacy are our top priorities. And while they're a cornerstone to our business, they're also our strongest benefit.

Where are we headed to?

We know the future is bright for responsible companies and will make Micro Exchange an even more reliable partner for you and your business.

What do we offer

For your convenience, our couriers will bring money to a confirmed place at a confirmed time. They always have a bill counting machine to check the bills. They'll give you the money in an envelope.

With Micro Exchange, you can not only exchange cryptocurrencies. Using our service, you can also take part in the affiliate program which allows our partners to earn passive income.

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